The Daily Drive: 11/29/18

I have been at the Divas-N-Rides Online Store recently, and I noticed that I needed to get some new designs and graphics made to make it look fresh and modern. I also have to reconnect with past affiliates who worked with us in the past as new updates are done. I felt I needed one less issue to bug me entering final month of 2018


The Daily Drive: 11/28/18

If you haven’t noticed already, there are 2 events this weekend honoring the life of Fast and Furious Franchise star Paul Walker was taken way too soon 5 years ago. One of those events will be a charity event for Paul Walker’s Reach Out WorldWide charity. I also learned there will be Holiday themed car events coming next month. I might squeeze some in with some of the other Christmas Holiday activities I got in the works next month.

The Daily Drive: 11/27/18

Welcome to the Post Thanksgiving Edition! I have to change the beauty of the week to the beauty of the month due to consistency issues. I also have a weekend of potential new content for this website! Oh, my eBay store just saw it’s most productive week this month. Oh, I have a plan to take a week off at the end of the year. I also have future shoots and future gigs coming up. Now, I need to get some rest now!

The Daily Drive: Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m enjoying it with family, and I’m getting my online stores ready for Black Friday and Cyber Mondays. I also got 3 models to shoot set up next month. I also have 2 already booked for January 2019. If you didn’t a chance to see who’s this month feature model, we got it here! We also have the images that didn’t make here on this link! This website will add new feature models before the month is up. As for shows, they’re only 2 left for this year. Images from those events will be available to view after the event.

The Daily Drive: Thanksgiving Eve Edition

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I just got started with setting up future feature models shoot in 2019. I got a new Bentbox up for sale this week with a previous feature model. I’m also setting up new boxes for sale. This is where all the images that would be too hot for this website. Meanwhile, my eBay store has not one, but 2¬†Black Friday promotions happening now! It’s great for those who have no plans on leaving the house this Friday. You can also visit the Divas-N-Rides store for possible Christmas gifts!

The Daily Drive: 11/20/18

Long story short, my Thanksgiving plans have been rescheduled. I will do everything to avoid the malls this Black Friday because I’m not fighting a crowd whose going over the line to great some deals that don’t feel like a deal. My December 1st plans are still on. Now, I’m working to get the final touches done for some Holiday themed photo shoots I’m working on! Good thing, I got some of my essential winter gear taken care of weeks ago!

The Evening Drive: 11/13/18

The images from this past Weekend’s JBM/Elite Tuner Season Opener are now online.

The Weekend Drive, Part 2

Here’s a quick update on the website from earlier this morning. The World Cup Finals images are now online! We have our new feature model for November available for viewing. We just confirmed our appearance at this weekend’s Elite Tuner season finale! Finally, our eBay has not 1, but 2 November promotions going on right now! I should also mention the new merchandise that was added at the Divas-N-Rides store powered by Spreadshirt! With that, I’ll get back with you before the weekend is up.