The Daily Drive: 08/17/20

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If you’re wondering why there was radio silence with the Daily Drive, Here’s the rundown on what’s been happening. I now have a new daily driver. I lost my previous one back in March. This new car has more room, storage space, and has under 50K in miles. I also have been seeing uptick in sales on my eBay store and Mercari site. In addition, I made updates to the Official Divas-N-Rides store. If you haven’t seen the new designs on sale, now is a great time to take a peak. Recently, I made changes to the events calendar due to some significant changes to the events I was going before the pandemic changed things. It looks like Maryland International Raceway for 2020 is out of the question due to the venue’s guidelines concerning staff and guests’ safety. I still have hope to attend the 2020 Haltech World Cup Finals: Imports Versus Domestics in November. 

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