The Daily Drive: 01/21/2021

Good Afternoon! I spent this past working on updates! When I wasn’t adding new galleries like the most recent edition of the Flashback Friday gallery, I was also making changes to one of my revenue streams. I was making updates to the eBay store because I found out through experience that the more activity you do to the store, the more likely you’ll see an increase in sales. I also had consecutive weeks of successful payouts through the newly formed managed payments system. I have watched videos on the pros and cons of the new managed payments system. I haven’t noticed any changes in recent weekly sales. The big difference is that payments won’t be on Paypal. I’ll have to add money to Paypal, in the same way, I add money to my Stash Stock back card! While my eBay store has Divas-N-Rides merchandise, I have another source for Divas-N-Rides merchandise. There’s more variety at this store. I have made an effort to update it to ensure more new designs can be seen. Now, I plan to take that same approach to the Divas-N-Rides stand-alone store. It might help add more revenue to the site that’s needed!

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