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I'm a DC based photo enthusiasts who loves cars, trucks, motorcycles and anything with an motor inside. I started this website in 2005 focusing on 2 items I love: beautiful women and automotive/motorcycle culture. It's been a crazy journey over this past decade. I plan to return to what I love this year after a brief hiatus!

The Weekend Drive: 02/21-23/2020


Happy Friday! I just finish posting 2 feature model galleries this Friday! The 1st gallery features Maine model Maya. The 2nd gallery features New York by Taiwan based model Julie. I got those galleries set! I’m now putting the finishing touches on a photoshoot tomorrow. It had to be moved up due to the client’s schedule! Speaking of schedule, I had to remove 2 events from the event calendar that were supposed to happen next month. Despite the fact both events have been scrapped, I did find other events to replace them. With the new events added, I’m focusing now on increasing traction on one of many revenue streams to fund this website as the weather gets warmer, and more shows start getting added! Another way to keep this up and running is to join our Patreon Page! For $1, your name on a video sounds cool! 


The Daily Drive: 02/18/2020


Whenever you’re reading this, Good Morning, Afternoon, or Good Evening! I’m making an update to the event calendar. Since Capitol Raceway doesn’t have a track owner, Import Face-Off has decided to remove the Capitol Raceway event from their calendar. I would rather have them either contact Maryland International Raceway, Cecil County Dragway, or Colonial Beach Dragway. It’s clear they didn’t have the time to wait for the situation to work out. However, there are new events added to the calendar to made up what was lost. I’m getting ready for another feature model photoshoot this weekend. I’m also working on other ways to collect funds needed to cover a majority of expenses occurred!  I got several revenue streams set up to get the funds needed! I also made updates to the Patreon Page for Divas-N-Rides! If you want to have your name in one of our videos, just pledge $1 and you’ll see your name is the latest video coming up soon! 

The Daily Drive: 02/04/2020


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links from various funding sources!

Welcome to the 1st Daily Drive for the month of February. Highlights of the 2020 Washington Auto Show are available! It’s the video compilation highlights that I’m posting below. If you’re viewing this on Tumblr, it’ll be on the top. I’m working to get the website upgraded so more images can be added from mobile devices. I plan to have them posted on the website before the end of the month. I already posted another feature model photo gallery live online last week. I also have another feature model gallery made available today. This morning, I made some updates to my Patreon page. I added new content to the page to show folks how active this is! I also made a major change to one of my pledges. If you pledge $1, you can get your name on one of my next videos. This weekend, I plan to cover the Motor Trend Auto Show in Downtown Baltimore and the Baltimore International Motorcycle Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. My goal is to get 250 $1 pledges by noon on 02/05/2020. If you want to continue to support this website, you can also visit the eBay store that has also help fund the website! I’m working on getting $100 in sales/day to cover any expenses that the other funding sources weren’t able to cover! 

The Daily Drive: 01/28/20


Good Afternoon or Good Evening, whenever you’re reading this. The 1st car show gallery of 2020 is now live on the website. This was so big I needed another photo gallery to cover the whole event. With that being said, I was working on the photo gallery when I heard that Kobe Bryant passed away. I think it was real until more news surfaced to confirm the worse. What makes this story heartbreaking was he, his daughter and members of basketball teams and their families were on the helicopter heading to basketball game. The one thing that made respect Kobe was his winning mindset. He operated with a win at all cost attitude. I also learned he was more interested in the process than the results. I also learned watched game films from a radio ad a few years ago. This hunger to do better was what made him a legend. He also took that with him in the post-basketball career. Too bad, the life after basketball part was gone too soon! 

The Weekend Drive: 01/24-26

Greetings! It’s been a while since I gave you any updates this week. This weekend, The Washington Auto Show kicks off this weekend. I plan to attend this event on multiple days. The 1st gallery of images from this event will be posted by Sunday. The other days I plan to cover will be TBD. Speaking of TBD, I just learned that Capitol Raceway in Crofton doesn’t have any management for the facilities as of the time of this post. That didn’t sit well with the Import Face-Off officials. The March 22nd event has been taken off the calendar. I’ll let you know when this situation changes. Before I leave, here’s last year’s Washington Auto Show video!

The Daily Drive: 01/14/2020


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Greetings! I just finished posting the images and video from the 2020 Progressive International Motorcycle Show last weekend in DC. Now, I’m working on what days to cover them 2020 Washington Auto Show next week. If you attended or not, you can still find good deals on motorcycle parts and motorcycle riding gear. I also have several feature models and beauty of the week pages that will be posted before the week is over. I also noticed some activities in one of my revenue sources! It was able to cover some unexpected expenses that showed up. I also saw some new activity in another revenue stream for the website! It’s was an active weekend with multiple items sold. BTW, the 1st video for 2020 is now ready for your viewing pleasure!

The Daily Drive: 01/07/2020


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Good Afternoon! Hopefully, most of you are getting the new year off on a good note. I can’t wait for this weekend to come. The Progressive International Motorcycle Show is coming to town. I plan to attend this weekend. I’m glad this year’s event won’t conflict with another motorcycle event. I’ll see plenty of new motorcycles, motorcycle parts, and accessories on display and sale. Any coverage from this event will be posted on this website. I also plan to add more funds to ensure that I can attend this event and other events this month. You’ll be amazed by what we’ll see this weekend.

The Daily Drive, Nighttime Edition: 01/02/20


Good Afternoon, evening, or whenever you read this. It’s the 1st blog of 2020. I spent New Year’s Day promoting one feature model page while finishing up another feature model page. I was able to get this feature model gallery posted before 2019 was over. I got 2 photo shoots officially set up this month. I might some more booked either later this or next month depending on circumstances. I also spent some time offline finding new items to sell on either my eBay Store or Bonanza Marketplace Booth. I’ve been working on boosting my revenue streams to help fund the website without incurring any new debts that could keep it from expanding. Therefore, this website can check out more events happening this year and beyond. Some have there 2020 schedule up and running. This website is updating it each and every day. Let’s end this post with another favorite video on the Divas-N-Rides Youtube Channel!

The Daily Drive: 12/31/19


Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening! This is the final Daily Drive of 2019. It’s been a good year. With all the ups and downs I went through this year, I plan to make better moves to increase the visibility and profitability of the website. I just finished uploading the following feature model gallery. The Lauren Leola gallery is uploaded. The Karly Salinas Gallery is uploaded! If you plan to have any of our merchandise in our home in the new year, you can visit our Official Divas-N-Rides store.  I’m working on a few new galleries right now, and I plan to post them before the night is over. I’m gonna end this post by replaying one of the most-watched videos in the Divas-N-Rides Youtube Channel! 

The Daily Drive, Holiday Edition: 12/26/19


How was everyone’s Christmas! It’s Happy Boxer Day around the world. I hope you’re having a safe and wonderful Christmastime with the ones you love. I’m having a great Christmas myself! Next week, we have New Year’s Day. I also ready got parts of the 2020 calendar already set up. I also plan to posts some of the other photo shoots from the past couple of months. They’ll be divided in the feature model Gallery and Eye Candy Gallery. I also have one feature model photo shoot coming up this weekend. With any new year, it means this website will add more revenue streams to the already established revenue streams created this year. Therefore, we’ll provide visitors and loyal fans the content they need. Since we’re saying goodbye to 2019, here’s one of the most popular videos from the Divas-N-Rides Youtube Channel that got plenty of love!