Weekend Drive: 04/21/19


Here’s something that’s rare on this website! A blog post on a Sunday. I just finished the 1st gallery from the 3 Easter Weekend events that I covered! I’m in the process of getting the other 2 photo galleries done before the day is over. It’s Easter! Therefore, I need to provide you with something sweet! Good News! I found something sweet for you (must be 18+ to view this page)!


The Weekend Drive: 04/19-21

Happy Thursday! Today, it’s Good Friday! It’s also the start of Easter Weekend. It’s time to be blessed and grateful for the ones you love and more. It’s also a day before one of my most eventful Saturday quite a while. Therefore, this website will be adding more content that hasn’t been posted. Any photos and videos produced that wouldn’t make it to website to due the type of content, we’ll post it here (Must be 18+ to enter)! I’m resting up for tomorrow and making updates to one of my revenue streams. I’m really excited about what’s happening tomorrow!

The Daily Drive: 04/16/19

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I spent the good part of yesterday attempting to generate buzz about my new photo gallery added to my website. I also made some small changes to this website’s Youtube Channel. Well, the views aren’t as big as I wanted. However, it’s a small start to something big in the future. Considering that I’m committed to 3 different events this weekend, I can say for sure there will be more video content posted in the near future. Then again, I realized that I should do these years earlier. Could you imagine how many viewers and subscribers that channel would have gotten if this newly relaunched youtube channel made its debut 2 years earlier? Just Imagine that for a minute!

The Weekend Drive: 04/14/19

Here’s something you don’t see here that much. It’s seeing the Weekend Drive posted on a Sunday. The images and videos from the 2019 Washington Auto Show are now posted online. Next weekend will be exciting! 1st, I have 3 events to cover before Easter. 2nd, I have a feature model photo shoot that’s still happening after the chaos that threw things sideways last weekend. Finally, I made some big changes to one of my revenue streams to fund the website. College Basketball is over, but the NBA and NHL playoffs are in full effect. Don’t Worry; It’s won’t have any effect on this I’m working on this week!

The Weekend Drive: April 5-7


Good evening! It took me a while, but I finally got the JBM Season Opener page done. This Friday starts another weekend of multiple photo shoots. I also got the apparel from the Divas-N-Rides ready for each model I’m working with. This is also the start of the Washington Auto Show. I’m attending this event since this website covers it almost every year. In addition, I plan to make more videos to share on this website. After posting 2 last weekend, I’m confident more videos will come!

The Daily Drive: Night Edition

Good Evening! It took me 3 days to put together the highlights package from the 2019 Unity Thunder Car Show this past weekend in DC. The photos can be found here! The video highlights can be found here! I also have another feature model photo set ready for viewing. Here are the images from my photo shoot with Jamm! Finally, the images from this past Sunday’s JBM season opener will be posted before the week is up. Here’s a video from last week’s event to share for the time being.

The Weekend Drive: 03/29-31


Whoa! March went by fast. I thought it would be a quiet month. I’m close to finishing my other feature model photo shoots. I’m editing images from the weekend’s events by the Sunday night. I’m also putting finishing touches on next weekend’s events. I also got a few special treats ready to share by Monday. Can’t wait for spring to come now.

The Daily Drive: 03/26/19

Good Tuesday Afternoon! I’m working towards an exciting weekend. The events calendar has been updated with new events to go along with the events already added. I just added another gallery to feature model section. This photo shoot was in Charm City 2 weeks ago. You can find those pajamas on our Divas-N-Rides store. Next weekend, I have 3 feature model shoots. 2 will be in the same photo studio in Northern Virginia in 1 day. Finally, I made some updates to one of my income streams to increase cashflow because other sources are falling short of targeted goals. I might have to see if there’s other ways to fund the website. I’m also looking to see if it possible to relaunch my Patreon page next month to ensure there’s enough funds to complete season calender without delays!

The Weekend Drive: 03/22-24/19

Happy Friday! Hopefully, we don’t have to experience any winter-like weather as we head into spring. It took me a while, but I finally got images from one of my feature model photo shoot posted online. If you like to know who’s the featured beauty, the answer can be found on this page. If you want to see the images that didn’t get posted, you can pay a visit to this bentbox (Must be 18 years or Older)! That’s not the only box of images from a past photo shoot that can’t be posted here! Tomorrow, I’m might be out of the house for a while!

The Daily Drive, Nighttime Edition: 03/21/19

Good Evening! When I wasn’t watching March Madness, I was finish editing images from the previous photo shoots this month. I also got several images uploaded already. I also had to make changes to the schedule to ensure there’s no confusion about the specific events. I’ll have several pages from those photos posted before the weekend is over. I also made changes to one of my revenue streams last night! This sale was completed. Last week’s sale fell through! I hate that. Now, I’m working on improving this revenue stream before I start adding more streams to the circuit!