The Daily Drive: 06/09/20


Happy Tuesday! Here’s the latest edition of the Daily Drive. If you missed last week’s post, I’m reposting the links to the books, resources available to those who are truly serious about combating racism, police brutality, and human rights abuse! Weeks earlier, I listened to an episode of the Growth Show about a Chicago based bookstore surviving and thriving due this global health crisis! This episode also had a list to campaign to help get books to school children across the city. I’m in the process of adding new galleries in the Eye Candy section and Flashback Fridays! If you ever visited the event calendar page, several events have been either removed or rescheduled as my region is still stuck in between Phase 1 and Phase 2 reopening. I’m also making some updates to the Divas-N-Rides store and my other online business that’s open. They will reach a point where they are on the same level with the other revenue sources we use everyday

Disclaimer: This post contains links to affiliate sites! When you buy a product or service from those links, we’ll receive compensation from those transactions. You won’t pay a penny, and this allows us to continue providing content on this website without creating a paywall.

The Weekend Drive: 06/07/2020

It’s been a while since I wrote here. I have been focused on other things in the area! My local region just started phase 1 of reopening last week. Maryland International Raceway is back to racing. However, they haven’t allowed fans back just yet. So, we have to wait until the end of June/early July to reach a point where public gatherings can go safely. Now, this is a game of making up for the lost time. Speaking of lost time, I saw more traction with one of my main revenue sources this past week. I’m also making updates to Divas-N-Rides based merchandise on this online store. This week, I got a few galleries that will be added to this website as the road to recovery begins!

Disclaimer: This post contains links to affiliate sites! When you buy a product or service from those links, we’ll receive compensation from those transactions. You won’t pay a penny, and this allows us to continue providing content on this website without creating a paywall. 

The Daily Drive: 06/04/2020

Let me get this off my chest!

Racism is wrong!

Police Brutality is wrong!

Violating the 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments are wrong!

Turning a blind eye to human rights abuse is wrong

Making excuses for cruel and unusual punishment is wrong!

Using peaceful protests to engage in theft and vandalism is wrong!

Linking criminal acts to peaceful protests is wrong!

Pretending racism doesn’t exist is wrong!

Supporting those who won’t fight racism needs to stop now!

BTW, do we need more proof Trickle Down Economics creates more problems than they solve? If you’re fed up with police brutality, racially motivated violence, and the lack of humanity from those in position, it’s time to take action. Here’s what you can do about the problem.

  1. Educate Yourself: Loyalty Bookstore has a list of books for those who interested in combating racism.
  2. Support the cause: Here’s a resource guide that everyone needs to have! Here’s another great guide to help out!

I leave you with this quote from Dante Alighieri; “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

The Daily Drive: 03/15/20


Normally, I would be changing the channels back and forth between March Madness and any photos from previous events I attend. However, the COVID-19 outbreak is throwing a wrench into things. I heard about the threat of the disease back in February. I was already taking the precautions that were needed to survive this crisis. A good portion of the events on the event calendar have been cancelled, pushed back, or delayed! I did schedule 2 photoshoots next month. Now, I’m not in a state of panic. I’m not rushing to see my investment accounts. I’m not fighting over consumer goods that people took more than enough to last. The irony of this whole situation is that I made $1,000 last week from a 3-day work project involving office furniture. I also made some sales with my eBay Store. I’m also working on adding new listings to the store since more and more people are staying indoors. I’m also working to add new galleries and content to the website to keep those who won’t be going anywhere will need to be entertained, or need a break from all the bad news in the media or social networks. This ain’t the time to live in fear. It’s time to face these uncertain future with courage, conviction, compassion and clarity.?

The Weekend Drive: 01/24-26

Greetings! It’s been a while since I gave you any updates this week. This weekend, The Washington Auto Show kicks off this weekend. I plan to attend this event on multiple days. The 1st gallery of images from this event will be posted by Sunday. The other days I plan to cover will be TBD. Speaking of TBD, I just learned that Capitol Raceway in Crofton doesn’t have any management for the facilities as of the time of this post. That didn’t sit well with the Import Face-Off officials. The March 22nd event has been taken off the calendar. I’ll let you know when this situation changes. Before I leave, here’s last year’s Washington Auto Show video!

The Daily Drive: 08/22/19

Good Afternoon! Just added a new gallery this morning! I’ve been finishing up some of the work gigs this past week. I’m also putting the final touches to 2 upcoming feature model photoshoots. I also have some of the images of the featured model photoshoots this past month edited. They’ll be uploaded before the weekend is over. I also had several successful sales with one of my revenue streams this week. I recently created 2 groups of sale items. Group 1 starts at 9:00 pm and Group 2 starts at 9:30 p.m. I also finished the video highlights from last weekend events you can see below!

The Daily Drive: 05/29/2019


Happy Wednesday everyone! I just got a rude awakening this morning. I attempted to buy postage for an item sold on one of my revenue sources. Unfortunately, I found out that my PayPal account was in the red. I had to move funds to get this issue resolved. Now, I’m working to get my other revenue source up and running to cover any unpleasant surprises that could come up. I got the highlights from all 3 events I covered online yesterday.

The Daily Drive: 03/14/19

Happy Pie Day everyone! Enjoying your week so far. It looks like my feature model special is generating plenty of buzz. It’s also have a net positive for this page(Must Be 18 years or older to login) because one the uncensored sets had a sale. I was hoping to see more visitors and sales for this and my eBay store. I’m currently working on another feature model special for this website. I’m also looking for add car and motorcycle events due to changes in my working schedule. I’ll have new content posted soon!

The Daily Drive: 03/13/19

I just completed the 3 booked feature model photo shoots this past weekend. The post production work is underway. I just learned one of my income sources scored it’s 1st sale this week. Now, I’m looking at kickstarting the spring car and motorcycle show season this weekend. It’s just that original plans altered by events outside my control. Now, I got more time to take care of things.

The Daily Drive: 02/22/19

Good morning! I had a surprise snowstorm hit town on Wednesday. It was all but gone by Thursday afternoon. I booked another photo shoot tonight. I also returning to Atomic Canary next month. Finally, I’m working on new creative projects to increase our website visibility beyond the usual methods of promotions. That includes studios, clothing companies, other websites, and more.