Fast Track Fridays Relaunched


It’s been months since I posted something exciting here. Now, it’s an excellent chance to share where I have been. Last weekend, I enjoyed attending the Import Expo event in DC. It’s been three years since DC hosted an Import Expo show. The level of excitement for this event returning to DC was very high. It also got me excited about the start of the 2023 car show season. My original goal was to visit. Import Faceoff. However, the weather had other plans this weekend. I’m also questioning why they want to see this area in March. I attended the last Import Faceoff in June 2019 at Capitol Raceway, when the track was an IHRA member track. The 2016 event was in April, and the weather felt closer to fall. On the other hand, MIR is hosting its 1st major event this weekend. Get us ready for H-Day next month! 

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