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This is long overdue to those who have been keeping up with what’s happening! There was a time I posted in this section regularly. Now, I’m getting back to this activity. Here’s the rundown. Back in 2017, I used to perform tasks on Takl. I did it to earn extra money for automotive and motorcycle events in the DC Metro area. However, the lack of positive reviews caused me to leave the platform. 2 months later, I joined this platform to replace the lost source of income. It provided extra income for automotive events. It also provides the funds for Divas-N-Rides feature model shoots. I also deposited the money I earned into this brokerage account. It also allows me to revamp my other reselling business. There was a time I made $1,000/month on a regular basis. Fast forward to now! That source of income has all but dried up! On the other hand, I’ve set up a different revenue stream to replace it. I’m seeing new sales this month thanks to heavy promotion and positive reviews. There are several automotive events to cover before the year is up. So, this backup plan is activated to ensure more quality content comes to you each week. 

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