The Weekend Drive:05/01-03/2020


Good Evening! April is gone, and we’re now in May now! It’s clear that my 1st trip to MIR this year will be at the end of the month. With the stay at home orders still active, Memorial Day Weekend could be the earliest they’ll see events resume. This or any activity in the region is up in the air until regional leaders collectively find a timeframe to get DC/MD/VA to ease up on restrictions once all 3 jurisdictions get the curve to flatten and then some. Okay, it’s clear quarantine fatigue is getting real. Here’s the deal! The normal we were used to won’t be returning anytime soon. Even if the curve flattens before Memorial Day and all 3 stages of reopening is complete, it won’t be the same. Sure, some events will happen or get a new date. However, we better prepare for the new reality that’s coming on the other side of this! Sure this isn’t the usual blog post I make. However, the extra time I have now will make me make the moves that I should have done weeks ago. One way to keep followers active is to use your available time to learn new skills at Skillshare! Oh, by the way, I made some updates on this revenue stream based on the activities that occurred last month. I’m also launching a series of new sales on this revenue stream this Sunday to kick start cash flow and revenue. The goal is to have enough funds available when the car show and cruise season get back up and running. Finally, Flashback Friday has been relaunched! The newest post can be found here!

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The Daily Drive: 01/07/2020


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Good Afternoon! Hopefully, most of you are getting the new year off on a good note. I can’t wait for this weekend to come. The Progressive International Motorcycle Show is coming to town. I plan to attend this weekend. I’m glad this year’s event won’t conflict with another motorcycle event. I’ll see plenty of new motorcycles, motorcycle parts, and accessories on display and sale. Any coverage from this event will be posted on this website. I also plan to add more funds to ensure that I can attend this event and other events this month. You’ll be amazed by what we’ll see this weekend.

The Daily Drive, Nighttime Edition: 01/02/20


Good Afternoon, evening, or whenever you read this. It’s the 1st blog of 2020. I spent New Year’s Day promoting one feature model page while finishing up another feature model page. I was able to get this feature model gallery posted before 2019 was over. I got 2 photo shoots officially set up this month. I might some more booked either later this or next month depending on circumstances. I also spent some time offline finding new items to sell on either my eBay Store or Bonanza Marketplace Booth. I’ve been working on boosting my revenue streams to help fund the website without incurring any new debts that could keep it from expanding. Therefore, this website can check out more events happening this year and beyond. Some have there 2020 schedule up and running. This website is updating it each and every day. Let’s end this post with another favorite video on the Divas-N-Rides Youtube Channel!

The Daily Drive: 12/31/19


Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening! This is the final Daily Drive of 2019. It’s been a good year. With all the ups and downs I went through this year, I plan to make better moves to increase the visibility and profitability of the website. I just finished uploading the following feature model gallery. The Lauren Leola gallery is uploaded. The Karly Salinas Gallery is uploaded! If you plan to have any of our merchandise in our home in the new year, you can visit our Official Divas-N-Rides store.  I’m working on a few new galleries right now, and I plan to post them before the night is over. I’m gonna end this post by replaying one of the most-watched videos in the Divas-N-Rides Youtube Channel! 

The Daily Drive: 04/11/19


Greetings! I took time off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. My phone has been fixed, and Some of my apps that got me work in the past are now working. That means I can not worry about running into any cashflow and revenue issues in the upcoming days before Christmas. I’m seeing more activity with one of my revenue streams. It’s also has seen a spillover effect into other items directly and indirectly connected to this website. I’m in the process of finishing all the images from several feature model photo shoots in the past 2 months that will be posted here and all other platforms. I also got a chance to share a video that we didn’t a chance to post back in October. So, here it is for you to enjoy.