The Daily Drive: 04/28/20


Happy Tuesday! Still here with all of those who supported us since the website’s rebirth back in 2017. This month marks 15 years since the original Divas-N-Rides was born. It’s been a wild ride, but it’s amazing this project is thriving throughout the decade and a half in action. I’ve been spending more time doing spring cleaning around my place. While the 1st source of website revenue stream had some hits and misses this month, We’re getting some traction from another revenue stream that saw some steady growth in the last few weeks. I’m focusing on the events calendar and the galleries. I also plan to relaunch Flashback Fridays before the week is up. I’m in the process of examining several media storage devices to find any galleries that didn’t get posted in the past. This is where you can see the site before moving to WordPress! Check the next posting or visit for details.


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The Daily Drive: 02/04/19

Good Evening! I’m back from my Super Bowl Party Weekend. I also created new content for the eye candy section that will be posted by the end of the week. I just made an update to one of my revenue streams to increase visibility. I have another feature model next weekend. Both shoots will be in Baltimore. This weekend, I’ll be covering 2 different events in the Baltimore Metro Area. Now, I need the clothes from the Divas-N-Rides Store with the whole new look I made days ago to this and other photo shoots in the future run smoothly!

The Daily Drive: 09/04/18

Labor Day Weekend was fun and wild. The highlights from the 1st annual National Guard Bureau Alumni Association Street Rod Classic Car Show and Labor Day Car Show are now online for your viewing pleasure. I also created a video compilation from yesterday’s event here! This week’s beauty of the week will be posted tonight! It’s another model from the Rockies for this photo set!

The Daily Drive: 08/30/18

The 2nd half of the Cruzin On Main Street Car Show is now online.  We got our Labor Day weekend plans all set. I’m also making some changes to the website. They aren’t big changes. They are just small additions to improve the website experience. That includes a contact page and application for female models interested in working with the website. There’s no specific timetable on when those projects will be done. However, we’re working to add more space to the website to add new content and more.

The Daily Drive: 08/27/18

Good Afternoon! The 1st part of the Cruzin Main Street 2018 photo gallery is now online. We’ll also have the 2nd half of the car and the latest Beauty of the week will be posted online tonight! I’m also working to add more space to the website to ensure content is added without any drama. I got the 1st batch of new images past photo shoots done. They’ll be ready for viewing.

The Weekend Drive: August 24-26

The 2nd part of last weekend’s Import Expo in DC is now live. It looks like another exciting weekend of automotive events in the area. I’m also in the process of upgrading the website so more new content can be added. I’m planning to have a new model of the week posted soon, and I’m in the process of making videos to post online.

The Daily Drive: Weekend Edition August 3, 2018

If you haven’t noticed, our road trip schedule has been updated! That means this site is adding new events each week. It also means I have to do more searches for more future events to cover and content to upload to share with our loyal fans. Hopefully, the weather isn’t going to mess things up like last month!

The Daily Drive: 08/01/18

Divas-N-Rides feature model photo shoots are set for this month. It’s been a work in progress, and we’re just looking to find the right match for the store. The same can be said for planning future automotive and motorcycle events. New pages and store updates are happening right now

The Weekend Drive: 07/29/18

I had to make a few small changes this weekend for previous commitments moved from their original dates! However, the results were excellent. They’ll be posted soon. I’m making changes to the events calendar and the online store starting tonight. Results will be posted here soon!

The Daily Drive, Nighttime Edition: 07/15/18

Another great weekend filled with tons of highlights from this past weekend’s events in Damascus and Annapolis. As for the week, a few confirmed events and new feature models shoots scheduled!