The Daily Drive: August 10, 2019


Good Morning. If you haven’t seen the photos from Import Expo DC and the Laurel SAL Post 60 Car Show this past weekend, they are now available for viewing. If you haven’t seen the highlights from Import Expo, you can see them right now!


The Daily Drive, Nighttime Edition: 06/18/19


It’s been a while since I posted anything recently on the Daily Drive. I’m getting ready for Sunday’s Clean Culture/Import Expo FedEx Field Festival. This will the 3rd visit to this event. I just finished completing a series of images and videos from this past weekend’s Truck Wars at MIR. I just completed the 1st set and 2nd set of galleries. In addition, I also completed the 1st video from this event.

The Daily Drive: 04/23/19


Happy Tuesday! I just made some changes to the Youtube page, one of my revenue streams that resulted in a new sale, and a few updates to the events calendar. I also added some new Galleries! The Antrim Diesel Days event recap is now online. You can see the images here, or you can see the video highlights! I also have the videos and photos from the JBM/Singery Monthly Night Meet online now! Recently, I saw an ad on Craigslist for a photo/video studio available to rent. I’m looking for another location that can do automotive and motorcycle photo and video shoots. I’m in contact with them to engage in future events later in the year.