The Daily Drive: 10/24/19


It’s been an active week for the D.N.R family. If you didn’t get to see the images galleries last weekend, We got them on this link and this link. I also spend the last few days getting the event calendar updated with all the new events that were posted. Some events were booked months in advance. I also got another eye-candy gallery up and running this week. There will be another feature model gallery psoted before the week is up. Most of the reason I haven’t been posting is that one of my revenue streams required my undivided attention. To make a long story short, It was one of the busiest Saturdays this month. I got those tasks taken care of. I also have several new sales set up this Sunday because I found out Sundays between 6-10 p.m. Eastern is when most users are online around that time frame. That explains how I have a sudden rush of active sales. With the weekend coming up, I have a video from this past week to share.


The Weekend Drive: 10/04-06/2109


Good Afternoon! It’s the weekend edition. I just finished another feature gallery page this week. If you haven’t got a chance to see, now is a great time. I got another big event to cover this weekend. I also have other car shows and motorcycle shows to check out this month. If you’re wondering what’s happening outside the website, I made some changes to one of my revenue sources. I also have another revenue source that was updated earlier this week. With each revenue source updated, I can have more funds for future events. You can also stop by our Patreon Page as we add new content this weekend. Finally, we got a video to share to start your weekend!

The Daily Drive, Nighttime Edition: 10/01/19

Happy Tuesday! It’s a new month and a new mission for this website. There are only 2 months left in the year. I just finished putting together another set of galleries. You can check the latest galleries from last weekend like Hot Wheels for Hot Meals and PWC 100 Car Pileup. I also have updated the event calendar to cover more events before the calendar year is up. I got an event before the weekend is very rare to website. I’m close to finishing another feature model gallery before the week is over. I’m also working on updating the Patreon page this week. We finish this post with the latest video from our Youtube page.

The Daily Drive: 10/09/18

New items have been added to the Divas-N-Rides store last week. It’s October, and this could be the final week of the warm weather that’s been hanging around lately. We just added some cool weather clothes on the storefront with more coming soon.

The Daily Drive: 10/08/18

Long story short! I just finished the 1st week of my seasonal gig. The Images from this past weekend’s Clean Culture event in Bowie, MD was great. I’m posting a preview on my Instagram page. I also have images from a model shoot this month. I got another one this weekend. Finally, I’m taking a week off this November. Details will follow soon!

The Evening Drive: 09/25/18

It’s been a while since this had any content. Here’s an update on this website! 2 new galleries were added. The best images from the Fall Edition of H-Day at MIR are now online for your viewing pleasure. We also got images from last weekend’s Hot Wheels for Hot Meals event. A new feature model for this website is still in the works. However, we can you cool rides from way back when!