The Daily Drive: 10/17/19


Good Afternoon! I spent the good part of this day adding a new gallery to the website. I’m catching up on the images I created, and I’m also getting ready for the cooler weather to arrive. I also have another feature model photoshoot set up this Monday. It’s due to the fact that one of the goto venues I’ve used in the past was not available at the timeframe I needed. That’s not the only scheduling update to share. I just added some new events for 2019 on the calendar page. I also made some changes to the Divas-N-Rides store. I just added some new graphics added this week. I plan to add new graphics to test which design will produce the best sales. Now, we got another great video to share.

The Daily Drive, Nighttime Edition: 09/05/19


Wow! It’s September already! It’s been a wild summer for this website. I got the chance to cover several shows, including the ones that weren’t on the radar earlier this in the year. I also was able to make some amazing videos for the website. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can find them here! I just finished posting feature model sets featuring Alex, Helen, Shannon. I was able to find time to create some amazing feature model photo sets this summer with such amazing models. If you didn’t get to see my feature model sets with Christina and Nikol from this past June, now, you got a chance to see what you were missing. I also have a few future feature model photoshoots coming up this September. I also got the photo galleries from this past Labor Day Weekend up. Here’s what you missed from last Saturday and this past Monday

It looks like I saw some amazing events that are coming up this month and later in the year. Therefore, the event calendar has been updated to reflect the new changes that were made in the past few days. You can expect new content added in the upcoming days.

The Daily Drive: August 10, 2019


Good Morning. If you haven’t seen the photos from Import Expo DC and the Laurel SAL Post 60 Car Show this past weekend, they are now available for viewing. If you haven’t seen the highlights from Import Expo, you can see them right now!

The Daily Drive: 07/11/19

It took me a while to posted an update. I need to get an oil change done yesterday. I got 2 big events on Saturday. I need my ride to be in the best shape. I spent the majority of that day making changes to one of my revenue streams. I made some big sales this week that will be reinvested to this website. I also got the 1st and 2nd batch of images from the June 1st photoshoot posted online. I will also have the next feature model photo gallery up next week. If you like to get some of the clothes that were featured in some of the galleries, you can get yours here today


The Daily Drive: 02/25/19

(FYI: this contains links to our affiliates.)

Happy Monday! I’m starting this new day with a website I came across today! Whether you’re attending events or finding new talent, you can’t afford to go over budget on anything. This is just a good way to cash back for the things you do daily. I also need to mention that any future photo galleries added to the website will have a preview on this link! That means you don’t have to wait too long before you see great images from us!

The Daily Drive: 10/08/18

Long story short! I just finished the 1st week of my seasonal gig. The Images from this past weekend’s Clean Culture event in Bowie, MD was great. I’m posting a preview on my Instagram page. I also have images from a model shoot this month. I got another one this weekend. Finally, I’m taking a week off this November. Details will follow soon!

The Daily Drive: 09/04/18

Labor Day Weekend was fun and wild. The highlights from the 1st annual National Guard Bureau Alumni Association Street Rod Classic Car Show and Labor Day Car Show are now online for your viewing pleasure. I also created a video compilation from yesterday’s event here! This week’s beauty of the week will be posted tonight! It’s another model from the Rockies for this photo set!

The Daily Drive: 08/30/18

The 2nd half of the Cruzin On Main Street Car Show is now online.  We got our Labor Day weekend plans all set. I’m also making some changes to the website. They aren’t big changes. They are just small additions to improve the website experience. That includes a contact page and application for female models interested in working with the website. There’s no specific timetable on when those projects will be done. However, we’re working to add more space to the website to add new content and more.

The Weekend Drive: August 24-26

The 2nd part of last weekend’s Import Expo in DC is now live. It looks like another exciting weekend of automotive events in the area. I’m also in the process of upgrading the website so more new content can be added. I’m planning to have a new model of the week posted soon, and I’m in the process of making videos to post online.

The Daily Drive: Weekend Edition

Back from an active weekend. 1st things 1st! We got images from the Super Chevy Show this past Saturday posted on this website today! In addition, we got the 1st part of the Import Expo show in DC posted online as well. Another thing happened over the weekend is the revamping of the Beauty of the Week page. This week’s feature model is now posted online. More revamps here and other areas of this website will continue this week.