The Daily Drive: 01/12/2021


Good Afternoon! I’m still active. I’ve been away from the site for a week, and I was amazed at the fact the website did see more activity last week. Another thing that happened last week was I got my 1st winning ticket cashed in with Yotta Savings! $0.25 isn’t the biggest win in the contest! It was me getting my 1st big break since joining the online bank back in November. On the flip side, this was more than some of the under $0.25 in profit I made on Mercari! If you want to save and win big, you can click the link and use my code Aaron174 to get 100 tickets automatically entered in this week’s contest! I will say that I made changes to my listings this morning! Some items have been moved to Amazon FBA. I also made room for new items to sell. The 1st main reason for setting the Mercari account is to cover the shortfalls in revenue and sales at this income source. The 2nd reason was to create a revenue stream to cover events and express that can occur in the meantime. Stay safe and have fun!

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