The Daily Drive: 02/18/2020


Whenever you’re reading this, Good Morning, Afternoon, or Good Evening! I’m making an update to the event calendar. Since Capitol Raceway doesn’t have a track owner, Import Face-Off has decided to remove the Capitol Raceway event from their calendar. I would rather have them either contact Maryland International Raceway, Cecil County Dragway, or Colonial Beach Dragway. It’s clear they didn’t have the time to wait for the situation to work out. However, there are new events added to the calendar to made up what was lost. I’m getting ready for another feature model photoshoot this weekend. I’m also working on other ways to collect funds needed to cover a majority of expenses occurred!  I got several revenue streams set up to get the funds needed! I also made updates to the Patreon Page for Divas-N-Rides! If you want to have your name in one of our videos, just pledge $1 and you’ll see your name is the latest video coming up soon! 

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