The Daily Drive: 03/20/2020


I’m not going to waste your time with this latest edition of the Daily Drive. I spent the past few days selling items on one of my revenue sources this week. I was able to have 3 successful sales this week despite the health scare that’s disrupted many people’s lives and livelihood. To say the disease and our response to it have put many lives in difficult positions is the understatement of the year. Now, it’s clear I need to make some proactive moves now. I’ve been spending more creating a reselling business with the various selling apps on my phone. I also decided to get out of the house because loneliness sucks! I also have to update the events page for the website since several events have been canceled or moved to a later date. It also means that photoshoots scheduled this month and next month will be affected heavily! However, this open time frame has also given me the opportunity to add more content in the eye candy section. I’m also working on a new revenue stream to help out until the situation changes for the better! 

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