The Daily Drive: 09/08/2020


For those wondering about the radio silence, here’s the lowdown. The events calendar has been changed a few more times with several events pushed back to next year. There are 2 car shows this weekend. I just learned 2 more events had to be canceled due to concerns with the current global pandemic impacting everything and almost everything. At the same time, most of the state of Maryland will be in the Phase 3 re-opening stage. I did a successful photoshoot on Labor Day in Silver Spring courtesy of Peerspace. After that, I booked a photoshoot later this month. I’m also working to get the other 2 feature models pages posted as soon as possible. I also signed up for an upcoming House of Photographer event this Thursday. This will be my latest attempt at maternity photography. I did a photoshoot with a pregnant model this month 2 years ago. The new Galleries will be online before the week is over!

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