The Daily Drive: 11/24/2020


It’s Thanksgiving Week. I’m already seeing the madness weeks before Black Friday for this year. I just found out that I’m taking a 3-day Holiday break from work. This isn’t the usual Thanksgiving we had in the past. It also means this weekend will have the last event in this abbreviated season. During the same time frame, I learned that Speed Unlimited will be closing shop after 53 years at the end of the month due to the financial impact of the Covid-19 Outbreak. You can watch the tribute cruise-in for this business on this link! Before the pandemic wreaked havoc in America, Capitol Raceway in Crofton was closed earlier this year due to a departure in Ownership. Despite this development, it hasn’t stopped some racing fans from campaigning for it’s reopening. 2021 is weeks away, and we hope the new year will have a better ending than what we’re experiencing now! 

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