The Daily Drive: 12/01/2020


Happy Tuesday! There are 24 days until Christmas. And 30 days until we enter the year 2021. I’ve been working on securing a site for a photo shoot this weekend. I’ve also used Peer Space when I couldn’t find an available time slot at Union 206. Any future photoshoots for the month of December will be limited due to timing, but it’s not out of the question if circumstances change. The last thing I need is to have available resources not being available immediately. I also made some changes to my funding sources. I just joined the online bank Yotta, and I entered their weekly contest where you can win prizes including $10 million. You get a ticket for every deposit you make. The more money you add, the more tickets you’ll enter. More money means I’ll have Christmas Holiday shopping money and future events to attend in 2021. They also gave me a promotional code, Aaron174. What a great way to get a start on your New Year financial goals.

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