The Daily Drive, Holiday Edition: 12/26/19


How was everyone’s Christmas! It’s Happy Boxer Day around the world. I hope you’re having a safe and wonderful Christmastime with the ones you love. I’m having a great Christmas myself! Next week, we have New Year’s Day. I also ready got parts of the 2020 calendar already set up. I also plan to posts some of the other photo shoots from the past couple of months. They’ll be divided in the feature model Gallery and Eye Candy Gallery. I also have one feature model photo shoot coming up this weekend. With any new year, it means this website will add more revenue streams to the already established revenue streams created this year. Therefore, we’ll provide visitors and loyal fans the content they need. Since we’re saying goodbye to 2019, here’s one of the most popular videos from the Divas-N-Rides Youtube Channel that got plenty of love!

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