The Daily Drive Turbo Tuesday Reboot


Welcome to Turbo Tuesdays on Divas-N-Rides! If you noticed the long delays between posts, it’s due to a few changes in my work and life situations. I took some much-needed time off from my primary income source. I’m also working on revamping my sleep schedule because I’ve been falling asleep at awkward times in the day. That’s why took my birthday week from off my primary work. Here’s an update on the feature models and events galleries I’ve worked on the past few days. I posted several events that this website covered this summer. Among the new galleries on the Divas-N-Rides homepage is the XDA/WPGC Bike Fest, The 1st few pages of the Clean Culture/Import Expo FedEx Field Festival, Bombers Car Club presents S.A.L Laurel AL Post 60 Car Show, and The Old Town Style and Speed Show. I also successfully completed a feature model photoshoot. I’ll have it posted before Thursday.

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