The Daily Drive, Turbo Tuesdays 4


Greetings! If you noticed that I haven’t posted anything lately. I’ve been tied up with many things in the past few weeks. This goes beyond March Madness Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments. One of the things I’ve been tied up with is photography. I successfully completed 1 photoshoot on February, 3 in March, and 2 H.O.P.S events last week. I also posted new images for 2 new Flashback Fridays that I plan to post this coming Friday. Both involve past photoshoots that will be posted on my Bentbox page (18+). I also will have the latest feature model photoshoot posted before the week is over. I’m also returning to Vanaheim Studio next month because I couldn’t find any open spots at Union 206. However, I did get a timeslot book at Union 206 booked next month. Finally, I got the stimulus check 2 weeks ago, and I used some of it to pay down debt and renewed my WordPress account. I choose to have that part of the website taken care of so it wouldn’t take too much time to resolve. This month, I had multiple weeks of multiple sales on Mercari. I’m adding new items for sale over there and at my eBay store. I got a block of time for new content creation and additions to be shared with everyone before the end of the month. 

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