The Monthly Drive: 10/15/2020


Greetings! I’ve decided to change the Daily Drive to the Monthly Drive because of my schedule. I decided it made more sense to call it the Monthly Drive due to the changes in my schedule. I just finished posting the latest edition of the eye candy feature page. I have another feature model photoshoot coming up next week. For this upcoming photoshoot in Downtown DC, I had to make a soft upgrade to the gear needed to perform in the specific circumstances. The last time I did a photoshoot in that type of setting was back in February with Julie in Charm City. It had so many great images from that photoshoot I couldn’t fit in 1 gallery. I created a 2-part gallery for Bent Box (all links are 18+). It’s clear that I’m having better financial good fortune with Bentbox than Patreon. I’m close to cracking the $100 mark. I’m realizing I need to post more content and embed the promotions of the links within the pages because Facebook won’t allow any postings of websites that contain contents that geared towards an audience over 18 years. This isn’t a build it, they will come format. You need to create, edit, promote, update your content. It’s more you put it out, the more people will notice. It’s about consistency. It also means I have to get new clothes to feature on future photo shoots.

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