The Weekend Drive Fasttrack Fridays


Happy Friday! Welcome to Fast Track Fridays on Divas-N-Rides! I’m putting together the final touches for the upcoming photo shoot this Wednesday in Baltimore with a Dallas-based model. In the past, I would head over to Atomic Canary for any photoshoots scheduled in Baltimore. I have some of those images on this website. The last time I did a photoshoot at Atomic Canary, It was with a model in Grace last winter. I would never expect that would be the final photo shoot at the building. Therefore, I’m focusing on Peerspace to find what could be a new go-to spot for photoshoots in the Baltimore Metro Region. The feature model photoshoot happening on March 10th is taking place in the same area where Artscape is held annually. I’m also bringing in some new outfits to this boudoir/glamour photoshoot that will be posted on the Divas-N-Rides website. I’m making a refresh in the photo shoot wardrobe. This photoshoot will feature new designs that were uploaded to Spreadshirt a few weeks ago. This new design will be showcased in this upcoming feature model photoshoot. I’m also planning to showcase new apparel for several eye candy and feature model photoshoots coming in April. However, it wasn’t the only spot where Divas-N-Rides merchandise can be found. I also posted some merchandise on my eBay Store since it’s one of the few revenue streams that have steady performance. In the past few months, I got new graphic designs that haven’t been uploaded to platforms where Divas-N-Rides-themed merchandise is being sold. If there’s one big bright spot for this month, I don’t have to engage in snow removal. 

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