Thursday Throttle Restarted


It’s been a crazy 1st month of 2022. My phone was out of order for a week. It turns out it needed a new battery, and it’s now functional. I had to clean up from 2 snowstorms. My other sources of income dealt with a normal slowdown from an active December 2021.  On top of that, I just had 2 scheduled photoshoots rescheduled due to Covid-19 issues. I did get 1 feature model photo shoot completed this month with another one scheduled next week. I also have several car show galleries posted online. I’m on the verge of creating a 2022 Car Show gallery with the Washington Auto Show returning after a year off. I also got the uncensored set (18+) from this photoshoot last summer sold! Stay tuned for another feature model gallery posted! 

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