Turbo Tuesdays Photoshoot Basics


Greetings! I just finished watching the Men’s and Women’s Final Four this past weekend. I also added a new gallery to the Flashback Fridays page. Now, I can shift my focus to photoshoot prep. Here’s the deal! I got back-to-back photoshoots starting April 11th. A good photo shoot involves proper communication and planning. It also involves having clarity in what you need from this photoshoot. However, it’s easy to screw up a potential photoshoot. Here are the 5 areas of a photoshoot you need to address before the 1st image is captured.

  1. Bookings: It’s about finding the right time for all parties involved. You don’t want to schedule anything that conflicts with any other activities. Check your schedule to find the best time available. I look at my calendar to ensure that I’m not booking something that might create schedule conflicts with other commitments. Don’t assume you got the date set in stone until to tied that date up in advance. 
  2. Location: Make sure the location is available. If that location isn’t an option, you need to have an alternative venue available. That’s why I bookmarked PeerSpace. I also had talent used their place in town as a spot for photoshoots.
  3. Budget: You want to avoid being pennywise, but pound foolish. Make sure you have the right amount of money to carry out this project. I also ask about rates, whether it’s paid or unpaid, etc. 
  4. Equipment: Make sure you have all the gear needed for a photoshoot. I recently bought my own lights for venues that don’t supply their own lights. I also had to get extra batteries, a battery organizer, an sd card, or a Compact flashcard.
  5. Wardrobe: What clothes will be a part of the photoshoot? I usually state what type of outfits will be a part of the photoshoot. I also let the interested party know that I might be bringing clothes from the Divas-N-Rides store

That’s just a brief rundown on how Divas-N-Rides get their feature model photoshoots set up. Stay tuned for items we’re sharing from past photoshoot and event coverage.

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